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We partner with retailers, communities, and organizations around the world to bring families and cultures closer together. Join us on our mission!

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We are on a mission to help people around the world connect deeply with their loved ones, and bridge the language, culture, and generational that so many of us experienced growing up.

None of us need to be alone on our journey. Let’s build together. ❤️

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From bookstores, gift shops, and boutiques, to big-box and department stores, stock Parents Are Human to celebrate all the unique languages and culture of your customers.

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From employee onboarding, holidays, birthdays, and every milestone in between, Parents Are Human is the perfect gift that tangibly emphasizes the importance of family & culture at work.

🔮 We love partnering with leaders, teams, & ERGs to spark some of the most important conversations about our identities and our relationships throughout your organization.

Communities & Classrooms

One of the best ways to bring an entire community or classroom together is to have a shared activity or goal.

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Wedding Favors

Weddings are one of the rare and precious times when your extended family members and friends are in one place. They are celebrations of culture that bring multiple generations and communities together.

🧊 Parents Are Human is a gift your wedding guests can use during the occasion to break the ice and get to know each other, and continue to use after they go home.

💍 We would be so honored to be a part of your special day.

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About The Game

The Cards

50 Question Cards (Blue)

These cards prompt stories and conversations around Life Events, Wisdom, Identity, and Relationships.

20 Action Cards (Red)

These cards add elements of courage and play into the experience with handpicked activities.

Two Levels

Each card has a level indicated in the top left corner. Start things off with a few easy questions or jump into the deep conversations right away.

🌶 Level 1 cards are light and easy.

🌶🌶 Level 2 cards dig deeper.

How We’re Transforming Relationships

I have to tell you: I brought the deck home these past few days, and both times I’ve used it, I’ve learned way more about my parents in the thirty minutes we used the deck than the 24 years I’ve been on this earth and interacted with them. — Ruth W

We [played] for like three hours, and during those three hours were some of most peaceful and connected times that I would feel with my parents. We were just in a state of curiosity, of wonder, of empathy, of vulnerability.

I remember just afterwards, I would just be sitting in bliss and be like, oh my gosh, the world is all right. There’s nothing wrong right now with the world. Everything is just as it should be. Everything is harmonious. — David Hu

I love my parents. My mom (pictured) spends 90% of our conversations giving me unsolicited work advice. Work is her passion and she excels at it, so naturally she wants to help me. 

We’ve been stuck in a cycle; each time I visit home I’m guilty of tuning out within the first 10 minutes of her taking about work. 

I bought these cards on a whim and have been using them to prompt our dinner conversations. 

My parents love it. Cue reminiscing, story time, a lot of laughter.

(It’s also helped me be more patient and present when my mom does talk about work 😉) — Emily Cheng

We started with one question, “What is the most impactful book you ever read?” and it led to a 1+ hour conversation. 

My mother spoke about a book on fear and then related why it was so impactful. 

She then told in detail an event where she was attacked at work. 

I’ve heard the story before but there were certain details I forgot about and it was really interesting to hear it again. 

I have so much respect for her. — Ryan Lum

I tried out the game with my mom and it’s amaaazing.

It’s been such a long time since we were able to connect on the same wavelength, where she didn’t feel the pressure to “parent”. 

I was able to understand her in many more identities that I was familiar with, as daughters to our parents, as professionals, as women. We’re scheduling another time to keep going through the series. 

She’s pretty stoked about it too. It’s the first time in a while since we’ve had such an intensely meaningful mom-daughter bonding experience. — Judy Zhu

Over the moon that this exists.

We’re finally sharing stories and questions we’ve carried for years, but just didn’t know how to ask. — Chrislyn Choo


I wasn’t sure my parents would be up for it… amazing what a little permission from a deck of cards can do.

— Daniel Moreh

Amazing resource

Two cards in and I’m already learning more about my mom than I have in years. Excited for the possibilities ahead.

— Michelle Pow

It brought my friends and family together

I got this for my boyfriend. He hasn’t spoken to his mother for a year. This game made her cry. Thank you so much.

— Michelle Hoang

Deep Conversations Immediately

I played with some friends and immediately began learning more about them — their families, preferences, personalities.

This game has so much potential to teach empathy for parents of older generations, and friends alike.

— Harmony Z


This is THE PERFECT game to bring home to the holidays.

More than ever these last few years have taught us that life is short, life is precious – take the time now to get to know your parents & grandparents better.

— Kaye Rockwell

Great way to connect with our older generation

I loved how easy and thought provoking questions. Our elders may not want to answer then initially, but they will open up, eventually!

I’ve grown closer to my grandma by asking her questions about her childhood.

— Theresa Le

My family is Taiwanese and we aren’t accustomed to ask each other about our days, even though every night as a child we always had dinner together.

I used this deck over Thanksgiving and it was literally the most we’ve ever connected outside of eating together and hiking.

— Lily C

My favourite memory during this pandemic is playing Parents Are Human with my parents over video call.

Through asking these questions that I have never asked before, I got to know them even better!

— Angela D

Our family played your game Parents Are Human and it started a whole world wind of deeper conversations and we all bawled our eyes out.

So it was very successful. Thank you for igniting that fire, I feel closer to my fam now.

— Angel G

Love it

Really enjoyable, great for connecting with my parents in ways I haven’t before. Worth every penny.

— Landon Khau

Incredible game

Played this with my entire family over the holidays and it really helped us get to know each other so much better. Love this game!!

— Ivy Telles

Great gift!

My friends live with her 94 year old mother. This opened up some truly interesting conversations. Thank you.

— Cindy Hunter

For intergenerational healing 🥰

For years I’ve wanted to find a way to bridge my “American” upbringing with my “Vietnamese” upbringing, and this feels like part of it! I’m so happy there’s a game that exists where I don’t need to be the translator, so I can enjoy being more present. I have yet to play the game, but know it’s going to come in handy whenever I’m ready. And it will be so interesting to see how questions are translated and in what dialect. I imagine that can even be a point in conversation. Also, design and quality of packaging are 10/10!

— Tiffany T

love love love love this

Once we opened the package, we couldn’t stop opening it afterward to keep asking the questions. What a great idea even for friends, not only between parents and children. Well done. The elders are certainly smiling down on you. Now? How do I order 10 more sets? LOL And I’m being totally serious!

— Marvin Webb


This is such a wonderful project. The questions are so thoughtful. I’ve started asking my parents, aunts, and uncles. I’ve learned so much with some surprising answers. Two of my uncles felt honored that I was asking them and wanted to learn more about their lives. Thanks so much for creating this wonderful resource!

— Christina D

My Parents Hand Pack Each Order With the Utmost Love & Care

I hired my mom, Mary Lam, and dad, Francis Lam after they had to retire early due to covid and other health complications.

They now hand-pack and deliver every order to the post office.

With each deck comes our love, prayers, and warmest wishes from my family to yours. ❤️

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