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Parents Are Human

English + Simplified Chinese (& Pinyin)

If your family is from Mainland China, Singapore, or Malaysia, it is likely that they use Simplified Chinese. Ask to double check! Or just use the English side 🙂

One Deck: $24.99

Four Decks: $̶9̶9̶.̶9̶6̶ $74.97 (4 for the price of 3!)

Parents Are Human

English + Traditional Chinese (& Pinyin)

If your family is from Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan, it is likely that they use Traditional Chinese. Ask to double check! Or just use the English side 🙂

One Deck: $24.99

Four Decks: $̶9̶9̶.̶9̶6̶ $74.97 (4 for the price of 3!)

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Three Stickers

Each order is hand-packed with love by my parents and comes with three stickers, two in English and one in Chinese. They’re perfect for a water bottle, laptop, or phone case.

What People Love About Parents Are Human

“We started with one question, ‘What is the most impactful book you ever read?’ and it led to a 1+ hour conversation.”

– Ryan Lum

“It’s the first time we had such a meaningful mom-daughter bonding experience. She finally didn’t feel the pressure to ‘parent’ me.”

– Judy Zhu

“Over the moon that this exists. We’re finally sharing stories and questions we’ve carried for years, but just didn’t know how to ask.”

– Chrislyn Choo

Use Parents Are Human To Learn Chinese

“I always tell my students on day one of class that when you speak to someone in their mother-tongue which is not yours, you are immediately saying I love you. All the more so if there are language/cultural/generational barriers within a family.”

– Spencer Baron (Chinese Teacher)

About The Game

The Cards

Blue: Question Cards

These cards prompt stories and conversations around Life Events, Wisdom, Identity, and Relationships.

Red: Action Cards

These cards add elements of courage and play into the experience with handpicked activities.

Two Levels

Each card has a level indicated by one or two diamonds in the top left corner. Start if off with a few easy questions or jump into the hard stuff right away.

⬥ Level 1 cards are light and easy.

⬥⬥ Level 2 cards dig deeper.

How to Play


Come Curious

🍵 Find a comfortable space together to get cozy and curious.

👀 It is through our curiosity and wonder where we often discover that we are all more alike than we are different.

💬 You can play anywhere — over FaceTime, on the phone, or in-person.

📴 Put away distractions and focus on being present.

👂 Listen with your whole self and refrain from judgement.

❤️ Be open, honest, patient, and kind.


Draw a Card

There are no “rules” although we have a few suggestions. The next time you talk to your family, you might:

1️⃣ Pick a Question Card. Every person answers the same card. Repeat.

2️⃣ Shuffle in Action Cards in between Question Cards.

3️⃣ Pick any card, then have the other person(s) respond as if they were you.

4️⃣ Lay all the cards across the table. Pick them up naturally and answer freely.

5️⃣ Pick a card that piques your curiosity. Talk about it over your next meal or send a picture over text.


Everyone Wins

🏆 Spending quality time together and getting to know your parents better = winning.

✨ We hope this game is a tool for you to spark a connecting experience with your Mom or Dad.

🤲 Want to skip a card? Want to spend the entire time talking about one card? Whatever it is… make it your own!

💪 Sometimes, all it takes is one step forward. Pick out the Question or Action card you feel is easiest and challenge yourself to reach out to your parents about it within the next week.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will Parents Are Human come in other languages?

Yes! Please request a language here (https://go.parentsarehuman.com/requestlanguage), once we get to 50 of any language we’ll make it (and notify you if you leave your email). The current ranking:

  1. Vietnamese
  2. Korean
  3. English (only)
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Do your parents really ship every deck?

You bet. I hired my mom, Mei Lam, and dad, Francis Lam, after they had to retire early due to covid and other health complications. They hand-pack and ship every order with the utmost love and care.

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