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Parents Are Human

66,500+ Happy Customers

A card game that helps you spark deep conversations with your loved ones.

Play this with parents, grandparents, step-parents, in-laws, guardians, aunts/uncles, parent-figures, anyone.

Call your parents. They miss you. ❤️

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Grief Is Human

A collection of reflections and activities that help you and your loved ones navigate the complex journey of loss.

Use this deck by yourself, to get to know someone going through grief, or to grieve together.

Where there is grief, there is deep love. 💜

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Partners Are Human

A card game that helps you deepen your romantic relationship through meaningful questions & shared activities.

Play this to fall deeper in love again and again.

True love isn’t found. It’s made. 💙

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Siblings Are Human

A card game that helps you deepen your relationship with your sibling(s) through meaningful questions & shared activities.

Play this with siblings, cousins, step-siblings, half-siblings, adopted/foster siblings, lifelong friends, chosen family, & more.

People come and go. Siblings are for life. 🩵

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Friends Are Human

A card game that helps you deepen your relationship with your friends through meaningful questions & shared activities.

Play this with your friends, acquaintances, strangers, colleagues, mentors, anyone.

Every friend is a door to a different world. 💚

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Family Treasure Book

An archival book made of the longest-lasting materials to preserve your family's legacy for 200+ years.

Make an heirloom recipe book, scrapbook, heritage book, child's life log, wedding keepsake, & more.

Where your story lives on for generations to come. 🖤

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Gifts for Loved Ones

A collection of made-to-order gifts for your loved ones.

Choose From:

1. An embroidered apron
2. An eco-friendly tote bag
3. An embroidered dad hat
4. A knitted beanie
5. A heavyweight hoodie

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Hear it from a few of our 36,000+ happy customers!

  • One of the best games ever created!

    Thank you for creating such a priceless gift! I’ve already played w/my parents and I can honestly say, we’ve learned so much about each other & it’s brought us closer! Can’t wait to play through the entire deck! We can’t thank you enough!!!

    April Valeros

    Verified Customer

  • life changer

    I literally use these cards every morning with my parents. I randomly select a (blue card) and text it to them. It’s helped our relationship so much. A couple of their responses brought tears to my eyes. As a bestselling author, trainer, and educator, I believe every family could benefit from this product. Thank you.

    Shay Sun

    Verified Customer

  • An Opportunity for Healing

    I cannot thank you enough for the creation of these cards. I have only played a handful of these cards with my parents and in that short amount of time, I can already feel our relationship not only deepen but also heal -- and that is HUGE. Thank you for creating this vehicle to help us learn the stories of our parents.

    Nadine Palacio

    Verified Customer

  • Learned Things I Never Would Have Otherwise

    I think every family should play this game together to find out more about our differences in the way we see life and to find a common ground where we can learn things we would have never learned without asking the questions on these cards. I learned things I never expected and I am so thankful. Can’t wait to play it more often with my family.

    Jamie Ha

    Verified Customer

  • Wonderful idea

    Just played this last night. A family member was a bit nervous going into it, but I think it opened up. We recorded it, as it'll be a permanent record of some of our family's history. Even though our family can understand English, having Chinese on the reverse helped remove the dependence on the native English speakers on translating.

    Timothy Chu

    Verified Customer


    This is THE PERFECT game to bring home to the holidays. More than ever these last few years have taught us that life is short, life is precious - take the time now to get to know your parents & grandparents better.

    Kaye Rockwell

    Verified Customer

  • A gift for deepening connections with loved ones

    I love the questions, that the decks are bilingual, and how my dad immediately opened up to the first thought-provoking question. I'm telling everyone I know about these decks (even if they don't need the second language!). I bought more than I needed to give them out as gifts. Thank you for creating this thoughtful product/game!

    Katharin Bettendorf

    Verified Customer

  • love love love love this

    Once we opened the package, we couldn't stop opening it afterward to keep asking the questions. What a great idea even for friends, not only between parents and children. Well done. The elders are certainly smiling down on you. Now? How do I order 10 more sets? LOL And I'm being totally serious!

    Marvin Webb

    Verified Customer

  • Great conversation starters

    My parents are immigrant Chinese and I've used these cards with them as well as other ethnic parents in my clinical practice as a I'm an Asian-American psychotherapist specializing in cultural issues. I'm so glad I found these as they are now an indispensable tool for engagement.

    Sam Louie

    Verified Customer

  • Great way to connect with our older generation

    I loved how easy and thought provoking questions. Our elders may not want to answer then initially, but they will open up, eventually! I’ve grown closer to my grandma by asking her questions about her childhood.

    Theresa Le

    Verified Customer

  • Wonderful

    This is such a wonderful project. The questions are so thoughtful. I've started asking my parents, aunts, and uncles. I've learned so much with some surprising answers. Two of my uncles felt honored that I was asking them and wanted to learn more about their lives. Thanks so much for creating this wonderful resource!

    Christina Dea

    Verified Customer

  • Deep Conversations Immediately

    I played with some friends and immediately began learning more about them -- their families, preferences, personalities. This game has so much potential to teach empathy for parents of older generations, and friends alike.

    Harmony Zhang

    Verified Customer

  • This really warms my heart

    The customer service is truly above-and-beyond and the product is really once of a kind. I applaud Joseph for this exceptional idea on how to connect with parents. He truly understand how difficult language barrier so if you’re reading this, Joseph– Thank you. Really.

    Nadia Chao

    Verified Customer

  • Love this game!

    This is a great game that I tried to play with my hyperactive late 70s aged parents. I learned quite a bit from them that I felt were more connected since it was in Tagalog. Highly recommended if you’re one who has trouble breaking the ice with your folks.

    Junior Tidal

    Verified Customer

  • Great way to combat Asian awkwardness

    The game really helped me understand my mom a bit more and put things into perspective for us. So much gets lost in translation, but her being able to read the question in mother tongue and respond accordingly helped significantly.

    Nhuy Vo

    Verified Customer

A Personal Mission ❤️‍🩹

For the last few years, the most important priority in my life has been healing the broken & distant relationship I had with my immigrant parents for over twelve years.

I co-created Parents Are Human to get to know my Mom and Dad before it was too late, and to help you do the same.

My Parents Hand Pack Each Order With the Utmost Love & Care 🤲

I hired my mom, Mary Lam, and dad, Francis Lam after they retired early due to covid and other health complications.

They now hand-pack and deliver all our orders to the post office each day, sending you our love and warmest wishes.

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