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Resources For Intergenerational Wellness

Here are some things that have helped us on our journey.

The Parent Project

We are four humans—Tong-Tong Li, Kimberly Han, Brandon Lee, and Joseph Lam—committed to showing up for our aging parents each week in the ways we have always wanted: working through our past traumas, rewriting the beliefs that no longer serve us, and learning to love and be loved by our parents.

We started by talking with our parents, asking at least one of the Parents Are Human card game questions once a week. Then, we’d come together and discuss what came up for us during our interactions with our parents, the lessons we’re learning, and the inevitable challenges we face.

Join us live each week on The Parent Project Facebook Page as we reflect on our conversations and coach each other through one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys of our lives.

Parents Are Gifts

We started a collection of handpicked gift recommendations for Mom & Dad. 🎁

Gift-giving has always been one of the most important ways our parents have shown their love for us. As we have gotten older and closer than ever to our parents, we are recognizing the importance of gift-giving in our culture to show appreciation and maintain closeness.

We compiled a list of the gifts we’ve handpicked and have personally gifted to our parents. The products shown have been the highest-rated and most frequently used gifts by our beloved parents. We hope our website will help guide and inspire you to choose meaningful and useful gifts for your parents.

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See Your Folks

This website was one of our main inspirations when we were starting Parents Are Human.

Enter in your parents’ location, their ages, and how often you see them to calculate the number of times you’ll see your parents before they die based on the World Health Organization’s longevity research.

On their website, they share: “We believe that increasing awareness of death can help us to make the most of our lives. The right kind of reminders can help us to focus on what matters, and perhaps make us better people.”

I hope this will inspire you to pick up the phone and call your family today.

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