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How To Play

We made this game for you.
There are no “rules” although, we do have a few suggestions.


1. Come curious.

Find a comfortable space together to get cozy and curious. It is through our curiosity and wonder where we often discover that we are all more alike than we are different. You can play anywhere — over FaceTime, on the phone, or in-person. IRL is always our favorite way to play.


2. Draw a card.

This game is made of Question and Action cards with Levels.

Level 1 cards (♦) are light and easy.
Level 2 cards (♦♦) dig deeper.

Start it off with a few easy questions or jump into the hard stuff right away.
Question cards prompt stories and conversations around Wisdom, Identity, Relationships, and Life Events. Action cards add elements of courage and play into the experience. Draw a card and everyone then responds to the card. Repeat.


3. Everyone wins.

Spending quality time together and getting to know your parents better = winning. We hope that this game is a tool for you to spark a connecting experience with your mom or dad. Want to skip a card? Want to spend the entire time talking about one card?

Whatever it is… make it your own!


Feeling uneasy about playing this game?
Sometimes, all it takes is one step forward. Pick out the Question or Action card that you feel is easiest and challenge yourself to reach out to your parents about it within the next week. We are here if you need anything.