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Call your parents.

They miss you.

A bilingual connection card game designed to spark deep conversations between you & your loved ones.

Our Gift To You & Your Family

We are on a mission to connect families and believe everyone deserves the opportunity to get to know their loved ones.

We made our entire game Free/Pay-What-You-Want so our prompts and translations can be accessible to all.

Sending you and your family all our love. ♥️

– The Parents Are Human Family

About The Game

The Cards

50 Question Cards (Blue)

These cards prompt stories and conversations around Life Events, Wisdom, Identity, and Relationships.

20 Action Cards (Red)

These cards add elements of courage and play into the experience with handpicked activities.

Two Levels

Each card has a level indicated in the top left corner. Start things off with a few easy questions or jump into the deep conversations right away.

🌶 Level 1 cards are light and easy.

🌶🌶 Level 2 cards dig deeper.

Pick Your Language Edition

Connect Deeply With Your Loved Ones This Week

If a full-priced deck isn't in your budget, we still want you to be able to play! Just select "Get Digital Cards" and enter $0 (or an amount that feels good for you) to get a complete digital version of Parents Are Human.

English + Simplified Chinese Edition

If your family is from Mainland China, Singapore, or Malaysia, it is likely that they use Simplified Chinese. Ask to double check! Each card includes Pinyin.

English + Traditional Chinese Edition

If your family is from Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan, it is likely that they use Traditional Chinese. Ask to double check! Each card includes Pinyin.

English + Vietnamese Edition

We want to make sure that our Vietnamese edition feels most welcoming for all family members and dialects, so we left blanks for family pronouns (mom, dad, etc.). Don’t worry, we included a guide!

English + Spanish Edition

We want to make sure that our Spanish edition feels most welcoming whether you’re used to using formal or informal language with your loved ones. So, we included both!

English + Korean Edition

We translated this game into Standard Korean and includes Revised Romanization, designed to spark deep conversations within families who immigrated from Korea.

English + Filipino/Tagalog Edition

We translated this game into a standardized form of Filipino/Tagalog, designed to spark deep conversations within families who immigrated from the Philippines.

English Edition

This edition contains our full game in English. We made the backs of each card blank so you can write your own questions, translate them into another language, take notes, and more.

Want Parents Are Human in your language?

Once a language hits 50 requests, we'll make it! Vote for yours to be translated earlier and leave your email so we can notify you as soon as it's available.

Parents Are Human Transforms Relationships

I have to tell you: I brought the deck home these past few days, and both times I've used it, I’ve learned way more about my parents in the thirty minutes we used the deck than the 24 years I’ve been on this earth and interacted with them. — Ruth W

We [played] for like three hours, and during those three hours were some of most peaceful and connected times that I would feel with my parents. We were just in a state of curiosity, of wonder, of empathy, of vulnerability.

I remember just afterwards, I would just be sitting in bliss and be like, oh my gosh, the world is all right. There's nothing wrong right now with the world. Everything is just as it should be. Everything is harmonious. — David Hu

I love my parents. My mom (pictured) spends 90% of our conversations giving me unsolicited work advice. Work is her passion and she excels at it, so naturally she wants to help me. 

We've been stuck in a cycle; each time I visit home I'm guilty of tuning out within the first 10 minutes of her taking about work. 

I bought these cards on a whim and have been using them to prompt our dinner conversations. 

My parents love it. Cue reminiscing, story time, a lot of laughter.

(It's also helped me be more patient and present when my mom does talk about work 😉) — Emily Cheng

We started with one question, "What is the most impactful book you ever read?” and it led to a 1+ hour conversation. 

My mother spoke about a book on fear and then related why it was so impactful. 

She then told in detail an event where she was attacked at work. 

I’ve heard the story before but there were certain details I forgot about and it was really interesting to hear it again. 

I have so much respect for her. — Ryan Lum

I tried out the game with my mom and it's amaaazing.

It's been such a long time since we were able to connect on the same wavelength, where she didn't feel the pressure to "parent". 

I was able to understand her in many more identities that I was familiar with, as daughters to our parents, as professionals, as women. We're scheduling another time to keep going through the series. 

She's pretty stoked about it too. It's the first time in a while since we've had such an intensely meaningful mom-daughter bonding experience. — Judy Zhu

Over the moon that this exists.

We’re finally sharing stories and questions we’ve carried for years, but just didn’t know how to ask. — Chrislyn Choo

My family is Taiwanese and we aren't accustomed to ask each other about our days, even though every night as a child we always had dinner together.

I used this deck over Thanksgiving and it was literally the most we've ever connected outside of eating together and hiking.

— Lily C

My favourite memory during this pandemic is playing Parents Are Human with my parents over video call.

Through asking these questions that I have never asked before, I got to know them even better!”

— Angela D

Our family played your game Parents Are Human and it started a whole world wind of deeper conversations and we all bawled our eyes out.

So it was very successful. Thank you for igniting that fire, I feel closer to my fam now.

— Angel G

A Game to Bridge Generations

For Ages: 13-100+

Get to Know Your Parents

We’ve handpicked 50 Questions and 20 Actions to help spark connection and meaningful conversations between you and your family.

Bridge Language Barriers

Each card includes English on one side and a translated language on the other. Play in person or play remotely!

Start Light Then Dig Deeper

Each card has a level indicated in the top left corner. Start with a few light and easy questions or jump into the hard stuff right away. You control how you want to play.

Five Categories

We’ve selected questions that reflect the areas people are most interested in learning about their parents—Life Events, Wisdom, Identity, Relationships, and Actions.

Give the Gift of Quality Time

Just like us, our parents had their own painful experiences, fears & insecurities, funny stories, and a lifetime of wisdom to share. It’s never too late to get to know your parents.

Take on the Challenge With Friends

We know it may be daunting to start having these conversations with your loved ones. Stay accountable by pairing up with 1-3 other friends, ask your parents the same question every week, and gather to discuss.

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All orders are hand-packed with love by my parents. ❤️

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