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Bringing Families Closer Together

We believe with our hearts that bringing families closer together will bring the world closer together.

About Us

Parents Are Human is a bilingual connection card game designed to spark deep conversations between you and your loved ones.

Each deck contains 70 increasingly deep prompts, with two difficulty levels, to inspire connection, compassion, and vulnerability.

Each card includes either a question or action in English on the front and a translated language on the back to help bridge language, culture, and generational gaps.

We are on a mission to help people around the world connect deeply with their parents and loved ones. This mission drives everything we do.

My Story

Growing up, I didn't know how to talk to my mom and dad. We had a broken and distant relationship for over twelve years.

Rebuilding my relationship with my parents—confronting the guilt of having mistreated them, seeing them as human, and showing up in the ways I have always wanted—has been the most important journey I have ever gone on.

I wanted to get to know my mom and dad before it was too late and co-created Parents Are Human to help you do the same.

Let's go on this journey together, one question at a time.

Our Community Translators Make It Possible

Parents Are Human is a community-created card game. Each bilingual deck wouldn't exist without the help of our community translators, who have generously volunteered their time and energy to ensure that we honor the unique nuances of each language and culture. These humans are the reason families around the world are now able to start priceless conversations in their mother tongue.

Chinese Editions

Mei Lam
Francis Lam
Gene Wu
Susan Hu
Candace Wu
Madison Li
Cat Uong
Carl Shan
Dylan Cheng
Jerona Yu
James McGlone
Virginia Ling
Megan Li
Cindy Li
Jingbo Wu
Muying Chen
Michelle Lin
Xinyan Lu

Vietnamese Edition

Theresa Le
Nhi Corcoran
Elvis Tran
Kimmy Le
Ashley Duong
The Interpreter
Ha Anh Truong
Lisa Vo
Nicholas Lam
Chelsea Nguyen
Trish Truong
Hoang Kim Thi Le
Dương Thị Hoa
Son Nguyen
Canary Ly
My-An Nguyen
Duy Nguyễn
Anh Nguyen
Thinh Tran

Spanish Edition

Ivy Telles
Hever Yanez
Christopher Pulido
Genesis Alaniz
Alex Kiernan
Cyle Adair
Miguel Medina
Rachel Schaer
Graciela Rivera
Eugenia Lucchelli

Korean Edition

Jennifer So
Deborah Lee
KCSC Seattle
Jina Jun
Jessie Min
Andrea Maeng
Meeran Sung
Eunha Lee

Filipino/Tagalog Edition

Ramon Lorenzo Labitigan
Ramon Labitigan
Macrina Labitigan
Carmela Sagritalo
Kaye Rockwell
Dorothy Grace Subang
Theresa Subang

Want to Help Parents Are Human Grow?

Request a Language

When any languages reaches 50 requests, we'll make it! Leave your email and we'll notify you as soon as we launch it. Vote for your language to be translated earlier.

Become a Translator

Help thousands of new families around the world play Parents Are Human in your mother tongue. Apply below to join our Translation Team. We'll honor your contribution forever.

Get More Involved

We need your help! Whether you just want to share a few ideas over a call or take the lead on one of our projects—your time, energy, & resources are treasured deeply.

We Care About Mother Earth & Future Generations

We're small, but we can still make a difference by consciously choosing environmentally friendly options when we can, even though it can sometimes cost a lot more. Here are some of the things we're doing to protect our one home called Earth.

Long-Lasting Design

We designed our game so that it would last for years to come. Our sturdy two-part box is made from 1200 GSM cardboard and laminated with a velvety soft matte finish that we think you'll fall in love with.

100% Recyclable

Everything is recyclable—our cards, boxes, thermal labels, bubble wrap and shrink wrap. We reduced waste wherever possible and use reusable & recyclable bubble mailers made by EcoEnclose as often as we can.

Printed With Soy Ink

Instead of using traditional petroleum-based ink, our games are printed using ink made from soybean oil & organic pigments. We use high quality Pantone colors to give you the most vibrant, gorgeous colors.

My Parents Hand Pack Each Order With the Utmost Love & Care

I hired my mom, Mary Lam, and dad, Francis Lam after they had to retire early due to covid and other health complications. They now hand-pack and deliver every order to the post office. With each deck comes our love, prayers, and warmest wishes from my family to yours.

Our Origins

Parents Are Human wouldn't exist today if it weren't for a special human named Candace Wu. It was her original idea and efforts in the beginning that led this company starting. We are forever grateful for you.

My Journey

My name is Joseph Lam (林嘉泉 – lín jiā quán). I'm a second-generation Chinese American and the co-founder & CEO of Parents Are Human.

I spent the last few years healing a broken relationship I had with my immigrant parents for over a decade and now I'm on a mission to help people around the world connect deeply with their loved ones.

If you're curious to learn more about my journey, I spent hundreds of hours documenting the raw and real challenges I went through so you can learn from my mistakes.

Thank you for being a part of the Parents Are Human story.

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